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Von der Keilschrift zum Emoji
19. May - 27. September

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FSJ Kultur im Gutenberg-Museum

Wir bieten im Gutenberg-Museum zum April und September ein Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Kultur (FSJ) an.

Informationen über die FSJ-Plätze im Druckladen (Museumspädagogik) finden Sie hier.

Informationen über den FSJ-Platz in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit finden sie hier.

Freundeskreis Gutenberg

Seien Sie dabei im Freundeskreis Gutenberg!

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The Mainzer Minipressen-Archive (MMPA)

The Mainzer Minipressen-Archiv (MMPA) has existed in its current form since 1980 and is attached to the Gutenberg-Museum.

The original purpose of the MMP-Archive is the collection of literary works by small and tiny printing shops and publishing firms, also known as mini-presses, the output of which was frequently only admitted to public libraries and archives under great difficulties, in our experience.

Either the small editions were not even known or not acknowledged as "alternative literature".

These tiny printing shops and small publishing firms have been coming together every two years at the Mainzer Minipressen-Messe (MMPM) – International Book Fair for Small Publishers and Private Presses – since 1970, in the organization of which the MMP-Archive plays an essential role. The initiator und first organizer of this fair was Norbert Kubatzki, a small publisher in Mainz. Some of the books and magazines exhibited by the private presses were transferred to the MMPA after the fair, more or less as a way of saying thank you for the opportunity to exhibit their works free of charge. The collection of the MMPA was essentially created by such these donations. In addition, the complete collection of magazines of the "U-Archive" (Hamburg Underground Archive), a complete edition of the leftist daily newspaper, the TAZ, the literary magazine collection of Günther Emig (editor of the "Verzeichnisses deutschsprachiger Literaturzeitschriften" VdL), the alternative magazines by Udo Pastemey (editor of "Bibliographie der Gegenkultur"), the alternative collection of magazines of Hadayat-Ullah PG Hübsch, as well as many newer literature and cultural magazines published by small firms are to be found in this archive. The MMPA forms a unique collection of books (about 6,000), magazines, (about 2,000 titles in 20,000 issues/booklets), press publications (about 200), videos (about 30), sound carriers (about 200), posters (about 500), flyers (about 1.000), leaflets from small publishing houses (about 30,000) and the addresses of smallpublishers (about 4,500 as of 2002/2003) and provides a good overview of their output in Germany-speaking regions. The user acquires a good impression of the genesis and the work of the private presses and through discussions, seminars, and continuing literature, the Archive provides "first aid" on how to publish one's own works or how to found one's own publishing firm. Since 1987, this fair has enjoyed an increasing attendance by small publishers from all over Europe; in addition to French, Dutch and British "small presses", increasingly young publishing firms from Eastern Europe are also participating and donate their output to the Archive. The MMPA publishes a catalogue of international presses, small publishers and author-publishers, which contains more than 450 addresses, publisher presentations and articles on the small publishing industry, on book arts and on writing.In addition, the MMPA also lays the groundwork for the V. O. Stomps Prize of the City of Mainz. We have compiled various exhibitions from the stocks of the archive and from lenders, which interested institutions may borrow.At the moment, we have the following exhibitions: - Retrospective of the Mainzer Minipressen-Messe- V. O. Stomps prize winners of the City of Mainz- the cartoonist and comic artist Gerhard SeyfriedFurther information may be obtained from:Mainzer Minipressen-Archiv des Gutenberg-Museums

Contact: Jürgen Kipp
Liebfrauenplatz 5
55116 Mainz
Tel.: 06131/12-26 76
Fax.: 06131/12-26 76

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Jürgen Kipp

[Translate to Englisch:] Mainzer Minipressen-Messe
Internationale Buchmesse der Kleinverlage und künstlerichen Handpressen

Ansprechpartner: Jürgen Kipp
Liebfrauenplatz 5
55116 Mainz
Tel.: 0 61 31 - 12 26 76
Fax.: 0 61 31 - 12 26 76
E-Mail: info(at)minipresse.de


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