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Von der Keilschrift zum Emoji
19. May - 27. September

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FSJ Kultur im Gutenberg-Museum

Wir bieten im Gutenberg-Museum zum April und September ein Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Kultur (FSJ) an.

Informationen über die FSJ-Plätze im Druckladen (Museumspädagogik) finden Sie hier.

Informationen über den FSJ-Platz in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit finden sie hier.

Freundeskreis Gutenberg

Seien Sie dabei im Freundeskreis Gutenberg!

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Museum Educational Service

Druckladen and Living Museum


The Gutenberg-Museum  in Mainz offers a rich variety of museum educational events for kids and adults such as workshops and guided tours of the Museum’s exhibitions. In open workshop areas, individuals, school classes, and small groups can get to know the history of writing, printing, and printing techniques; and they can learn about many aspects of cultural history and history of art.


The Druckladen (museum educational print shop) and the workshops at the Gutenberg-Museum offer groups and individuals of all ages a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience. With experts to guide them, they can learn about various book-related crafts and engage with their own creative expression.


The basic programme of the museum educational service is regularly complemented by a number of special events. At weekends, there are, for example, so-called Family Days which offer a programme that is especially suited for young families. But also senior citizens and all those who are interested in the Museum’s contents (nosy beginners as well as those who have already gained some experience in this field) are cordially invited to attend our weekend and holiday workshops on papermaking, letterpress printing, bookbinding, or graphic arts.


Welcome to the Druckladen of the Gutenberg-Museum! We are looking forward to your visit!


Dr. Annette Ludwig

Director of the Gutenberg-Museum


Susanne von Hübschmann

Manager of the Druckladen / Museum Educational Service

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Susanne von Hübschmann

Kurt-Martin Friedrich

Manager of the Druckladen / Museum Educational Service

Tel. 06131 - 12 26 86
E-Mail: gm-druckladen(at)stadt.mainz.de


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