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Newspapers and the Press – A Decisive Step towards a New Perception of the World

Title page of the first preserved volume of the Strasbourg Relation (1609)

Newspapers and the Press – A Decisive Step towards a New Perception of the World


In 1605, the world’s first printed newspaper was published in Strasbourg. Johann Carolus’ “invention” revolutionized the way the world was perceived by the public. Initially on a weekly basis, everyone could now follow and discuss political events, wars and diplomatic efforts, changes at the European courts and many more important events.


Newspapers spread from the Holy Roman Empire to the rest of Europe: in 1618 and 1620 the first newspapers were printed in the Netherlands, 1621 in England, and 1631 in France. Already in 1650, the world’s first daily newspaper was published in Leipzig for a certain time.


For more than 400 years, newspapers have been the central force of information, even if they have lost some market share to radio broadcasting, TV, and, since the 1990s, the Internet.


The section “Newspapers and the Press” shows the development of the history of newspapers. It also refers to the transmission of information, printing technologies, and the control of communication. In addition to that, it gives an idea of the various periodical print works which, as a result of newspaper printing, have been put on the market in the 17th century.

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