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Freundeskreis Gutenberg

Seien Sie dabei im Freundeskreis Gutenberg!

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Picture No. 1 – Type Case of the Museum’s Printing Workshop (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 2 – Columbia Press, around 1824 (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 3 – 42-line Gutenberg Bible, so-called Shuckburgh Copy. Mainz around 1452 – 1455 (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 4 – Reconstruction of the “Gutenberg Printing Press” to be seen at the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 5 – Johannes Gutenberg, copperplate engraving according to André Thevet, 1584 (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 6 – Hand-mould for Casting Type (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 7 – Edifice “Zum Römischen Kaiser” [To the Roman Emperor]. Administration and Library of the Gutenberg-Museum (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 8 – Coat of Arms of the Gutenberg Family in Mainz (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 9 – View of the City of Nuremberg, 2 pages from the Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493 (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 10 – The Ship of Fools [Latin; Stultifera navis]. Basle, 1497 (300dpi, tif).
Picture 11 – Printing Workshop around 1740. Copperplate engraving by Boetius according to an engraving by J.A. Richter. From the Graphics Department of the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz (300dpi, tif).
Picture No. 12 – Letter of Indulgence, printed in Mainz around 1455. The type that was used as display type is the so-called “Donat-Kalender-Type”. The income raised from this letter of indulgence was designated for the defence of Cyprus against a Turkish invasion. GM Ink 972 (300dpi, tif).

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