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General Catalogue of the Mainz Special Libraries

Here you find the library catalogues of the Mainz City Archives, Peter Cornelius Academy of Music (Peter-Cornelius-Konservatorium), and Gutenberg-Museum.

You can restrict your research to a certain catalogue by ticking the corresponding institution which you will find in the field right down at the bottom. Then the “general selection” will be cancelled.

Information for your research:

Do you know any single words appearing in the title?
Please search in the field "Titel- und Schlagwörter" [titles and catchwords]. Here you will find all titles (including titles of magazines).

Do you know the beginning of the title?
Additionally you will find the titles in the field "Exakter Titel" [exact title], and magazines and serials in the separate field "Zeitschriften und Serien" [magazines and serials]. Please enter the first word (the first words) in the respective field and press the Enter key or click on “Suchen” (search).

You can abbreviate your entry by a “?” (question mark) (truncation).



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